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The Association for Mobile Palliative Care Services (Asociatia pentru Servicii Mobile de Ingrjire Paliativa- SMIP) helps people with cancer and their families to cope with their life threatening disease. The organization is delivering palliative care services: symptom control, social and emotional support, information, supportive care during oncological treatment.

The organization is providing palliative care services since March 2009, both as consultative palliative care team for Coltea Hospital in Bucharest (due to a partnership contract) and in home care.






Team members:


dr. Oana Donea, consultant physician in medical oncology, specialized in palliative care


They work as a team for 8 years; the medical coordinator has 16 years experience in providing palliative care. The Association is the one of the few organizations in Romania that provides palliative care services in a hospital setting. The team is working according to the international recommendation in evaluation of patients’ need for palliative care and in implementation of the care plan.

SMIP collaborates with general practitioners, oncologists and other specialists involved in patients’ care during specific oncological treatments (supportive care) and also when these treatments are no longer indicated.


dr. Elena Ciubotaru,  MD oncologist with competence in palliative care

Luciana Negulescu, registered nurse

Alina Lazar, social worker.


       Provided services:

1.  Palliative care in hospital setting: the team activates in different departments of the hospital: oncology, hematology, internal medicine, ENT department. The patients are referred to the Association by their doctors when facing uncontrolled symptoms (pain, nausea, vomiting, anxiety and depression), social and emotional problems or they are entering the terminal phase.

2.  Palliative home care based on referrals from patients, families, attending physicians. The care encompasses symptom control (pain, breathlessness, anxiety, insomnia, nausea so on), nursing interventions, dressings, stoma care, emotional support, useful information about nutrition, hygiene, available support sources in community and so on.

The projects of the Association:

1. The International Women’s Association of Bucharest funded a project for improving the quality of life for people with cancer and limited mobility who are admitted in Coltea Hospital (oncology department). The project consisted in purchasing TV sets for every room of the oncology department and mobility aids and special mattresses for the patients cared for at home.

2.Creating a friendly environment for patients admitted in the various departments of Coltea Hospital (oncology, hematology, radiotherapy, internal medicine) on Easter and  Christmas.

3. “Symptom Control in Palliative Care” is an educational programme (40 CME) in palliative care (postgraduate level) for physicians, developed in partnership with the National Center of Training for doctors.

4.“Symptom Control in Palliative Care” is an educational programme for junior doctors funded by GlaxoSmithKline Oncology.

5.“The nurse and the oncological patient” is an educational programme (30 CME) for nurses working in oncology/ hematology/ radiotherapy departments developed in partnership with The National Authority for Nurses and with the financial support of GlaxoSmithKline Oncology.

Contact persons:

Dr. Oana Donea

Alina Lazar

Telephone: 0733/ 918 321




Asociatia pentru Servicii Mobile de Ingrijire Paliativa

Adresa: Str. Caloian Judetul, nr. 6, bl. D20, sc. 2, parter, ap. 20, interfon 20, sector 3, Bucuresti

Telefon: 0733 918 321 sau 0371 004 491

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